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About Us

The founding principle of was that the best items are manufactured with love, dedication, and many hours of strenuous labor. To create contemporary designs and exquisite products, the team collaborates directly with some of the most talented artisans.

Shoe Lab, has an astonishing history and experience in designing handmade leather shoes for all of its customers. We are very concerned about our leather quality, shoes design and customer experience because we believe that leather quality and comfort is much needy when it comes to designing Leather shoes. We deal in made to order and ready to wear leather shoes for men. Here at shoe lab we design barebone dress shoes for all who are looking for best quality and comfortable leather pair of shoes.

Shoe lab was a creation of two young graduates who were fascinated about the pure leather shoes and its deep roots tangled within the leather industry of Pakistan.

The foundation of shoelab is the idea that a good community produces good products. We make investments in the future of our artisans. The core ideals of our company are thoroughly incorporated into shoelab footwear. Animals that have been reared only for meat production provide the leather required to make shoelab items.

We firmly think that contacts with customers should develop into sincere friendships.  In addition to encouraging us to do our best work, shoelab friends also help us define who we are.