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Article: Italian Art of Creating Handmade Leather Shoes

Italian Art of Creating Handmade Leather Shoes

Italian Art of Creating Handmade Leather Shoes

We are always looking to buy an Italian handmade leather shoes but have you ever imagined how Italian craftsmen design your shoe? In this article I will go you through with the specific steps that How Italian shoes are made?

All the Italian shoes are made in Le Marche Region (Central Italy), that area of shoe manufacturing holds a 100+ years of History in shoes making. In the very early days there were lots many steps to finish a shoe. While going through with number of steps big factories needed to outsource some stages of the production like Cutting, hemming, handcrafting soles, laces and labels. It was the time when “Shoes Valley” Came into existence.

Here are some of the steps that Italian follows to create a custom handmade shoe either it’s a Loafer or Dress Shoe for men.

  • Shoe Lasting
  • Shoes Design
  • Shoe Fabric
  • Shoe assembling
  • Shoe Coloring

Shoe Lasting:

It’s all started with a shoe mold that give customized foot shape to the shoe. It usually placed inside the shoe. This is the main step of shoe making where we can mold it to different toe shapes. Now must be thinking what material they used to build a mold? Well, this mold is made from beech wood, walnut and in the recent time with fiber as well.

Shoe Designing:

Deigning a perfect leather shoe is very important.  Design is the only element that makes a shoe look good and enhance its performance. Some of the Leather shoe designs are the same as before like oxford and Loafers.

Shoe Fabric:

This is the point where real magic happen and it’s the selection of the leather to be used in your next stylish pair of men leather shoes. Most the time leather shoes are design and made in full cow leather but still you can other animal’s hides as well. Italian is very tricky in choosing the right leather for their leather shoes. They focus on the softness, comfort and durability of the leather while choosing.

Shoe Coloring:

Like painters, our artisans use dyes and cloth rags to give each shoe its unique color—the color that captures the personality of each client—for crust leathers or other rare leathers.

Shoe Assembling:

In this part of the production a very good attention is given to the detail. This part includes the inspection of Lining, Trimming, Laces hole and glue. In this very process the craftsmen either go for the welted or patching to finalize the shoe. In order to make sure that the shoe takes the correct it remains under the process for quite some time depending on the color and style combination.





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