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Article: How to Take care of a Leather Shoe

How to Take care of a Leather Shoe

How to Take care of a Leather Shoe

Without a doubt wearing a flaunting pair of leather shoe always get you attention. It is very compulsory to wear on a shinny and good looking shoe on any of your occasional event.  Most of time people try to judge you from a shoe you are wearing even knowing that this is not the criteria to judge anyone. Well, People usually buy a shoe when they get rid of the previous one or for their important events or occasions and here I am not talking about classes or ranks but sharing a fact.

While you and I wear a shoes but don’t pay any attention to take care of that shoe and that’s the reason our shoe lost their shine and shape over the short period of time. Well, In this very read I am going to help you with How to take care of your expensive, comfy leather shoes?

Before Getting into the detail of the steps I want to put some important question in front of you. What do you think makes a leather shoe crack? Why your leather shoes peel over the time? What’s the magic to make your leather shoe soft? Well, the primary idea of protecting your shoes (Leather Shoes) is to make sure that you clean them regularly in order to prevent a layer of dirt and dirt web that can actually damage your shoes.

Here are the steps to clean your pair:

  • First and foremost thing always remove the laces of your shoes.
  • Utilize a soft and comfy brush to remove the layer of dust and dirt before you apply a polish to it.
  • Make sure dust has gone and know hold your shoes from inside pushing against the surface and apply your cleaning products to all over the visible leather surface using the same brush.

Here are some of the additional Steps to take care of your shoes:

Simple yet useful Hack to Remove Crack from your Leather shoes:

The simple hack can help to refine cracked leather shoes and keep them save from getting grease. This is a very simple procedure; all you need to do is Place a conditioner on a nylon cloth and rub onto all the areas of the leather material. An additional tip for you, rub saddle detergent into cracks on the leather, using bit of water to help repair you pairs.


Polish Your Shoes:

Once you are done with cleaning stuff wait for almost 30 to 40 minutes and shiny shoes polish to it which will cover the overall surface of your shoes. This will definitely prevent your shoes from cracking, fading and increase its resistance and life.


The last step involves protecting your Leather shoes against any Damage from the water and stains. There are number of leather shoes protection products in the market like spray and wax that will generate a layer of shoe and save it from nasty dirt reaching your shoes surface. This is usually done for the suede leather products but at the same time it is also useful for leather surface shoes as well.

Sustaining the Shoe Shape:

Keeping the shoe shape alive is very important yet a difficult to sustain but there are some methods that can help you to maintain the shape of your shoes. Using a Shoe Tree can intensely maintain the shape and crack of the Pairs. These trees come in all shapes and sizes and easily fit inside your shoes. This will help your pairs to avoid shrinking and bending out of place.

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